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 Joseph has a long history of investigating and mitigating projects large and small. Beginning in 1988 he was investigating skyscrapers in New York City that were experiencing indoor air quality issues. His efforts led to large scale remediation efforts to solve complex issues.

His experience continued into providing solutions as a Program Manager for a Navy Contractor in Norfolk VA that decontaminated Navy Ships and Submarines.

Other testing efforts to name a few:
Aurora Mental Health-Denver Public Schools-Shining Mountain School

Denver Zoo-Many Marijuana Dispensaries & Grows

Peyton Manning -John Elway-City Of Westminster-United Airlines

Hampton Inns-Marriott Hotels-Watergate Hotel-DC-Embassy Row-DC
Warwick Hotel-Denver-Immunex-Seattle-Microsoft-Seattle
Seattle 911 Center-Millenium Properties-DC

  • Soot-Ash-Char Characterization
  • Total Volatile Organic Compounds
  • PAH's Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons


  • Mold Inspections & Testing
  • Moisture Detection
  • Real Estate Inspections
  • Odor Detection
  • ​Total VOC Testing
  • Leak Detection

"Airtestco helped me and my contractors to mitigate any potential mold issues after my hotel suffered water damage.  He is fast, knowledgeable and honest.  Airtestco will make sure your insurance company will not leave you 'high and dry' and it was the best decision I have made during my claim process.  Thanks, Joe"

Fire/Smoke Assessments

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Residential Mold $380 (Includes 4 Samples)
Additional Samples $75 Each
Commercial Mold $500 (Includes 3 Samples)
Additional Samples $75 Each
Other Investigations $90/Hour 
C Diff  & MRSA Testing Call For Quote

Char | Ash | Soot Delineation TVOC Testing

  • Smoke Damage Consulting &         Testing
    • Mitigation Consulting


Professional .

Airtestco has been providing Mold, Mycotoxin & Indoor Air Quality Testing & Building Investigations for over 30 years. After investigating thousands of commercial and residential properties our experience allows to us to determine causes of Indoor Air Quality Issues and Moisture Issues in structures. Whether your a homeowner,  business owner, real estate agent, home buyer/seller, landlord, school or medical facility feel assured we will get to the root of the issue if there is one. We not only do investigations we provide solutions to issues if your property has one. 

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