Airtestco has been providing Mold, Mycotoxin & Indoor Air Quality Investigations for over 30 years. After investigating thousands of commercial and residential properties our experience allows to us to determine causes of Indoor Air Quality Issues and Moisture Issues in structures. Whether your a homeowner,  business owner, fix & flipper, landlord, school or medical facility feel assured we will get the root of the issue if there is one. We not only do investigations we provide solutions to issues if your property has one. 

Airtestco will thoroughly inspect and evaluate conditions within your home or business to determine moisture sources and areas that may contain fungal growth. We offer detailed reports that include full written documentation of our findings and recommendations. Areas of high humidity and/or inadequate ventilation, such as the attic, kitchen, basement, bathroom, and closet are prime locations for mold colonies to develop.

Airtestco can take surface samples of visible mold growth for testing at an independent, A.l.H.A. accredited laboratory to determine the types of mold present. Aerobic screening is the second available option. By sampling the air in the suspected indoor area and then out of doors as a control, we will be able to determine the types of mold spores in the environment and at what levels they are present. Generally, the range and amount of spores in normal indoor air is very similar to that found outdoors. High concentrations of spores are normally a sign of poor ventilation and/or advanced mold colony development. An aerobic screening is also the easiest way to find hidden mold in ventilation systems or building cavities that can be extremely difficult or impossible to access without first performing demolition work. State and City agencies do not test or inspect private houses for mold.

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Airtestco provides comprehensive mold testing for residential and commercial properties. The process includes moisture testing, visual inspections and sampling. If you tested positive for HLA DR you may want to consider having us perform a mycotoxin test in your home or business. We also provide mitigation support services.

Airtestco helped me and my contractors to mitigate any potential mold issues after my hotel suffered water damage.  He is fast, knowledgeable and honest.  Airtestco will make sure your insurance company will not leave you 'high and dry' and it was the best decision I have made during my claim process.  Thanks, Joe and the Airtestco team! 

James A

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Airtestco has vast experience in determining the cause of Indoor Air Quality issues in commercial and residential properties. We have the experience the experience to track down most odors. We also offer C Diff testing on long term health care facilities.


  • Residential Mold $380 (Includes 3 Samples)
  • Additional Samples $75 Each
  • Commercial Mold $500 (Includes 3 Samples)
  • Additional Samples $75 Each
  • Indoor Air Quality Investigations $90/Hour 
  • Mycotoxin Testing Call For Quote
  • C Diff  & MRSA Testing Call For Quote

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