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Dan S.
Denver, CO
Joe at AirtestCo was very professional and no-nonsense and gets the job done!  We had some mold spores that tested high in the basement and he was able to quickly locate and identify the source and come up with a step by step solution to eliminate it.  He has something like 25 or 30 years of experience doing this so he definitely knows what he is doing.  Highly recommend his services and would use him again in a heartbeat!

Sophie L.
Denver, CO
Do yourself a favor and call Joe.  Our basement bedroom smelled a bit off after a wet spring.  I called a few mold companies and heard all kinds of quotes & suggestions.  Some were borderline fear tactic style sales.  Then I talked to Joe.  Not only does he seriously know his stuff, he was honest and helpful.  Plus his prices are super reasonable.  
We were almost going to tear out the
wall to see if there's mold back there (as suggested by some of the other mold companies), Joe found the source of the problem in minutes.  It was just some cabinets that has mold, the walls were fine.  He probably saved us thousands.  Thank you so much, Joe!

Brian S.
Denver, CO
Joe Riley was true professional.  He was great at job and seemed to really care about my house and family.  I used him for initial home inspection than again when had water damage in basement. Highly recommend.

Matt P.
Aurora, CO
This is the place you want to call.  We were in the process of buying a house, and the inspection found some mold near a basement shower.  Fearing the worst, I called AirTestCo.  Joe spent a good 10-15 minutes on the phone asking good questions, basically trying to determine if we even needed to pay for a test.  For peace of mind for us, he came out and did the analysis early that week for a very reasonable rate.  I had a written report the next day which included tips to mitigate the problem.  And during the inspection, he shared info and more pointers along the way.  Very helpful, very knowledgeable, super-reasonable on price too.  Highly recommend!

Chris H.
Castle Rock, CO
I used AirTestCo in April 2017.  Joe is awesome.  He was friendly, knowledgeable... and REALLY cared about helping me with my situation.  He provided excellent service, followed up with ensuring we understood the situation, and provided expert advice on how to remediate issues.  Don't call the big national chains and pay $450+ for a service that AirTestCo provides for MUCH less.  I highly recommend Joe and AirTestCo to anyone who needs environmental services.

Tia F.
Denver, CO
Joe is amazing!!! He did a great job on our mold inspection for our new home. Even after the inspection process was complete he is more than willing to help out and provide helpful info that all new home owners should know. I know my family is safe having Joe and his company around!

Dr. Robert F.

Denver, CO


Our medical office staff and myself were getting progressively ill. One cold after the other. Mr. Riley spent no more than 1 hour in our offices and determined that our heating and cooling system was malfunctioning and water from the unit was leaking causing the health issues. Thanks Again!

Erica R.
Denver, CO
Joe Riley was great!  He was not only very good at his job, he really seemed to care about me as the client, and wanted to be sure that my home was safe for me and my pets.
Joe was professional, qualified, easy to work with, and appreciated the urgency around getting to my home and delivering results in a timely manner.
I have used Joe three times now - for the initial testing, 
the follow up, and then again a few months later to recheck and make sure the mold spores were gone from my home.
I would highly recommend Joe.

Peyton S.

Lakewood CO
Joe was professional, courteous and very knowledgeable!!! Had my report back to me in 24 hours!! So grateful for all his help!!! Thank you:)

Jimmy A.
Aurora, CO
Joe helped me and my contractors to mitigate any potential mold issues after my hotel suffered water damage.  He is fast, knowledgeable and honest.  Airtestco will make sure your insurance company will not leave you 'high and dry' and it was the best decision I have made during my claim process.  Thanks, Joe and the Airtestco team!

Kelvin H.
Littleton, CO
We had an initial very high reading mold test from another mold inspection company for a property we were buying. Because the results were so high (19,000+), we called Joe Riley asking for a second opinion. He inspected the areas in question, educating us on how the test should be run. Joe's method was notably different than the initial inspection and test from the other company. His test result was in the low hundreds area for the same type of mold. After watching Joe perform the test, it was apparent that the first test was not setup correctly by the previous company. Joe also advised us on actionable items for remediation to existing mold and prevention of future mold. He was thorough, professional and gave tips on items that will impact the overall health of those living in the house. We highly recommend Airtestco and their services.


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